SF6107  RFID  receiver
The special function chip SF6107 is a RFID receiver. It can decode RFID tags in EM-4102 standard (125khz reading frequency. and 40 bit data). In each case the chip is sending the decoding ID from every tag to the PC or MC. Little modifications around the chip allows it to be used for diverse applications.
- stand-alone application (door opener for one master and 20 tags)
- RS232 PC connection (on USB with adaptor) for transferring tag data to a PC or (with an invert signal as TTL-RS232) to MC (micro controller)


Basically data:
- only one supply voltage (5 Volt, 20 mA, on PC connection supply voltage from the RS232 port)
- internal memory for master tag and 20 other tags (programmable with the master tag)
- reading distance app.3 cm
- internal setup help for resonance of L1/C5 (different pulses on pin 3 per JP1)
- distance between electronic and L1/C5 (max. wire length) 0,8m
- monitor function with a piezoelectric disk (speaker) on pin 2
- output of tag data (on pin 2) with 9600 Baud (8N1) for a connected PC (pull-down on pin 2) or for a MC (pull-up on pin 2, =TTL output)
- after reset immediately output of the number of all tags in the internal memory and its id's
- output of the tag id of each tag (independent if it is in memory or not)
- output-high (pin 7) on scanning of a tag id that is already registered in the memory
download SF6107 data sheet
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