SF6108  RFID  receiver
The special function chip SF6108 is a RFID receiver. It can decode RFID tags in EM-4102 standard (125khz reading frequency and 40 bit data). In each case the chip is sending the decoding ID from every tag to the PC or MC:




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Table of RS232 commands

number of parameters
*R P1
Read memory from address P1 (P1=0...511)
*W P1,P2
Write memory, value of P2 puts in address P1 (P1=0...511, P2=0....255)
Tags, shows the number of registered tags in the memory and it's ID's
*I P1
Input, reads digital value on pin P1 (P1=5,6,9-11,14-16,18,19,23-28)
*I 0
1 (P1 ever 0)
Input of all 16 GPIO pins (IO-1...IO-16)
*D P1,P2
Direction, set pin P1 for input (P2=0) or output (P2=1)
*D 0,P2
2 (P1 ever 0)
Direction, set all 16 GPIO pins direction with the value of P2
*O P1,P2
Output, if the direction of that pin was set to output, pin P1 will be set to the level of P2 (0 or 1),
else (pin P1 is an input pin), a pull-up is switch on (P2=1) or off (P2=0)
*O 0,P2
2 (P1 ever 0)
Output of all 16 GPIO pins with the value of P2
*A P1
ADC, reads one of 6 AD-channels (P1=23-28, ret value: 0V=0, 5V=1023)
*S P1
Setup of diverses functions (accumulated bit value, P1=0...255)
Bit-0 = 1: output of 16 GPIO inputs if input at least one bit was changed
Bit-1 = 1: output of numbers as decimal, Bit-1 = 0: output as hex
Bit-2 = 1: writes a '0x' before all hex values
Bit-7 = 1: no output of recognized tag ID , Bit-7 = 0: normal output